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Speed Loader 1000

The speed loader 1000 is the best sidearm ever made. With a large stream (for a sidearm), CPS chamber, and pump free to boot. It’s a bit large for a pistol but it weights so little for it’s that you almost forget your carrying it, which is ideal in a last resort blaster. But don’t get to trigger happy with this you can run it out in just a few seconds. If your careful you can take on anything up to small CPSs.

Top Ten Water Guns of All Time

In the 23 years since the super soaker came out hundreds of water guns have been released here are my top 10.

10. Super Soaker XP 150
One of the most Iconic water guns of the early 90’s, the XP 150 was a vast improvement from the super soaker 100 A lightweight, powerful, and fast pumping water gun. The 150 is truly great.

9. Water Warriors Gorgon
The newest water gun on this list the gorgon was made in 2011 and has become known as a CPS killer, The gorgon first came to notary at Hydropocalypse 2012 where it preformed admirably against such blasters as the Super Soaker CPS 2000, and later at “Duelfest Tournament” put a beat down on everything non CPS, not losing a single round.

8. Super Soaker CPS 1200
Known as the “average” water gun of the early 2000s the CPS 1200 is loved by enthusiasts and arguably the most popular of all CPS class water guns. While not as powerful as the CPS 2000 It seems to see just as much use if not more so. Cheap and plenteous even 13 years after first hitting store shelves the 1200 is a great starter for those just getting started with water warfare.

7. Super Soaker Monster XL
The largest non backpack water gun ever made the Monster XL is great for dishing out punishment in soakfests, out-ranged by all other CPS powered water guns and more cumbersome by far, the Monster XL makes up for this by being able to completely soak a victim in just one hit, being almost unbreakable, and lasting hours between refills.

6.Super Soaker CPS 3000/3200
One of the few CPS blasters where conservation isn’t needed, with a masive 2.4 gallon capacity the 3200 just keeps shooting for hours despite a trigger happy user. The 3200 gains field life at the cost of mobility, at 25lbs full you won’t be outrunning many people when using this, so it’s best used in a more stationary battle

5. Super Soaker CPS 2000
The most powerful of all stock water guns, the CPS 2000 can cause almost as much soakage as a Monster XL, shoots a full 15-17′ further and weighs only half as much. Durable and Powerful this weapon can strike fear into the minds of your foes. But at a great cost running on between $130-200 typically and draining a full 1 gallon tank in just 22 0.25 second shots.

3. Super Soaker 300
Weighing just a tad more than the 3200, but with 10′ better range the 300 makes a better primary, countering its poor mobility with a larger pump and range superior to all other stock blasters (55′) this weapon is thus less vulnerable to rushes than the 3200 and safer to move around the battlefield with as only the 2000 and some 2500s can rival it for range.

2. Super Soaker CPS 2700
Easier to find and use than the 300, the CPS 2700 still can last hours even in trigger happy hands while weighing much less, thanks to a small 2.5x nozzle on the selector. Still packing a deadly 10x setting for when someone gets on your nerves.

1. Super Soaker CPS 2500
At first glance this weapon looks almost exactly like a CPS 2000, in fact most of the internals/externals are the same, but the 2500 has a nozzle selector that lets you pick your combination of field life, and soak-age nearly quadrupling the number of shots per tank that you can get. Compare the 22 shots on the 2000 to the 82 on the 2500 with just a tad less soak-age on the largest setting and you get a blaster that’s much better rounded.

Blaster classes

Sniper, Mostly used to pick off people at long range Sniper Class weapons sacrifice rate of fire and field life for long range capability, and quick soaking potential. examples 

CPS 2000
CPS 2500
Monster X

How to use,

Stay back out of most peoples range, firing conservatively to make your limited ammo last.

How to counter

Try to make the user waste ammo, when he tries to re-pump rush him showing no mercy.



Fast Attack. Made for a more aggressive, highly mobile style this class sacrifices some output, and range for high field life, and rate of fire while still being lightweight. examples
CPS 1500/1700
CPS 4100/Monster
CPS 1000/1200/2100
Water Warriors guns

How to use

Try to get in closer to opposition, using your superior mobility and field life to rush and flank your foes while using your higher rate of fire to drive them back/soak them.

How to counter,

Tankers can use superior range and rate of fire to keep them from getting too close, Snipers can use ambushes to hit them hard and then retreat to re-pump.


Tanker, the largest guns in the field these slow behemoths were made to send withering fire right into enemy ranks to cover for teammates, having high range and output, field life, and rate of fire (due to huge PCs) at the cost mobility.
Super Soaker 300
CPS 3000/3200
Monster XL
CPS 2700

How to use

Fire even if your shot will likely miss, using your firepower to hold people at bay, be careful not to run your PC dry because you will struggle to retreat.

How to Counter

Ambush, or charge en mass closing the range gap and then circle at close range pouring it into him.

Intimidation in water fights

Intimidate To make timid; fill with fear or, To coerce to inhibit as if by threats.

Intimidation exists almost everywhere and most certainly in water fights, their are 2 kinds of intimidation Power Intimidation and, Size Intimidation
Power Intimidation
less common in water warfare than size intimidation, this is based on what you can do rather than what It looks like you can do, and increases the more you know about a blaster. For instance A CPS 1500 packs more power than a Monster X but many at first glance would say the Monster X is a bigger threat to them. Power intimidation is useful in large Soakfests, while a small but powerful gun may be ganged up on, it is more uncommon than it is for a huge gun to be.

for example Soakinator at the 2012 Vancouver soakfest used a 1500 on 10x, while his blaster size didn’t make people gain up on him, it caused enough soakage on each hit that not many people came back for more.
Size Intimidation
More commonly seen than power intimidation, Size intimidation is all about having a bigger stick, even if it’s rotten. For example the Monster XL with its size is the unrivaled king of intimidation, but most can’t even clear 36′ on most settings. The massive size also slows the user down dramatically, making a skilled XP user the terror of any Monster XL. Size intimidation has the major drawback of attracting lots of attention and typically causes several people to gang up of the user of a large gun.

Why water warfare

Most people scoff at water warfare and look at it a something to do on a hot day here are some reasons why I use water guns VS any other form of mock combat


1.  It costs less, Nerf darts are the most expensive of all ammunition’s, and airsoft and paintball can have $100’s of dollars worth of starting costs.

2.  It’s safe, Unlike most airsofters I don’t like pain and try to avoid it.

3.  I can play with kids, Try giving and airsoft or paintball gun to a kid for a war and most will quit after only being shot once.

4. it’s a completely different thing tactically, while patrols may follow the same plans the closer ranges, slower shot speeds and limited ammunition make firefights unlike any other form of combat.

5. I can play in the city, while nerf shares this claim we water warriors don’t worry about losing ammo, It’s free so we don’t have to kick kids off of the playground to use then as a fort.

When getting started with serious water warfare most will immediately start looking for the best water gun ever – the huge CPS 2000, and Monster XL, which run for over $100 consistently. I will categorize blasters in this guide based on price and performance.


steer clear of Nerf Super Soakers, you will quickly find them useless in serious battles. however Water Warriors guns are good choices. The Water Warriors Cricket and Hornet come in 2 packs for $12 they make great sidearms, and can even be used by small children without difficulty if you need a blaster for them. Also the outlaw makes a good blaster for smaller battles, not weighting you down but still packing a respectable punch for only $10.

The CPS 1000, 1200, and 2100 are are good guns for older people who are getting more serious about water fights. They pack a better punch than most blasters and can be competitive against anything. Best of all, they run for around $20 to 30 on ebay.

Then come the big guns, I would avoid the Monster XL, and CPS 2000 for reasons of price, end of story. That said their are other big blasters that won’t break the bank. The CPS 1500, 1700, 2500, 2700, and 4100 are all powerful weapons that can put a beat-down on almost anything and seldom run for more than $60 on ebay.

Rushing vs Charging

Most advanced water warriors know the difference between rushing and charging as well as when to do each, however most people that are just getting started don’t, so this is for the new guys.


Rushing is quickly darting forward a few feet (often no more than 20′) in order to increase the likely hood of your shot landing a kill, and with guns lacking in range somewhat can be used to get in range to fire back. it can also be used to buy your retreating forces a little more time.

When to rush
1. when your enemy is pumping.
2. when your enemy slips.
3. to stall a charging enemy.
4. when you see a chance to land a kill


Used less often in water warfare is the charge, unlike rushing where you only go a few feet and stop, in this you go all out. it works well in ambushes because it allows you to quickly overwhelm large numbers and overcome superior forces/positions

When to Charge
1. when your men are trapped
2. when you must take a hill by force
3. to break through defensive lines
4. some ambushes

Super Soaker 300

Range 50-55′ Output 8oz’s Capacity 248oz PC capacity 58oz Pumps to tap-shot ratio 1/1

The Super Soaker 300 was made back in 1993 and is the largest water gun ever built weighing 25.5lbs filled.
This weapon is likely the best counter to the CPS 2000 ever made, because they are completely opposite tactically. The 2000 must be extra careful not to miss due to its extremely low field life (22 shots), and large number of pumps (7 per shot) but can be very agile. the 300 on the other hand can fire 10x as many shots per tank and pump less but moves slower due to weight.

The 300 works best on the edge of battle at around 45-50′ providing covering fire for teammates. Be careful when nearing a good ambush position as 300’s are harder to dodge with and somewhat slower to fire back due to the lever trigger, watch out while you pump because you can’t fire and pump at the same time which thankfully doesn’t take long.

One Hit Scores

Required players 2: recommended 6 or more


Rules; When you are hit the other team scores point, and you must follow respawn rules (Eg hold hands up and count to 10 before resuming) game ends when time runs out.


Objective    Outscore the other team

One Hit Kills

Number of players: minimum  2, recommended 6 or more


If you get hit you are out till the round is over, the goal is to eliminate the other team while still having at least 1 player left on your team


Have a time limit after which the team with the most surviving players wins.